How We Can Help Your Students

Check out these FREE student and teacher resources for reading, math and SAT/ACT prep that you can share with your members.

Free STEM Class

Hands-on experience for kids in Robotics and Coding.  Learn about STEM while having a blast.  Organize after school or during a PTA meeting for a session of fun and learning. 

Find your local Sylvan here for more information.

Book Adventure

Motivate young readers with this free online reading incentive program. Students in grades K-8 can easily search by grade level and genre through 8,000+ book titles to find something they will love to read. Students read, quiz and earn points for small prizes. The more they read, the more they are rewarded. Parents and teachers can set up personal incentive programs, check on their students’ progress and access great resources.


Sylvan Math Prep

Math problems come to life so that students can get the extra help they need for homework or to study for tests. Students can search through hundreds of free math instructional videos on areas they might be struggling with. Math professionals work through problems step by step so that students understand exactly how to solve problems for subjects like pre-algebra, algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2 and SAT/ACT Prep


Sylvan ACT/SAT Prep

Raising college entrance exams scores just got easier! Students can take a free SAT and/or ACT online or paper based exam at no charge. Your local Sylvan center will proctor, grade and review the test on site and even offer each student a free 30 day trial of our online test prep site – Want something more comprehensive and long-term? Any student who completes a Diagnostic SAT/ACT exam, can sign up for -an online, low cost test prep tool for the SAT/ACT exam accessed anywhere, anytime. The best part, both the school and parents have accounts to monitor student’s progress, at no additional charge.

Find your local Sylvan here for more information.


SylvanPlay™, is an ever-growing, library of fun, Sylvan-approved educational apps for grades 1-4 developed to help students build critical skills in reading, math, science, geography, strategic thinking and more. The edutainment apps and subjects will inspire more kids to play anywhere and learn everywhere in new and engaging ways. SylvanPlay is available through the Apple App Store and Androids Google Play Store.

Visit: Sylvan Play to download apps.

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